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7379 Church Street . Custer, WI  54423

Phone:  (715) 600-6942

Scrip Program
Turn everyday shopping into earnings for Sacred Heart!

SCRIP is one of the easiest ways to help support Sacred Heart. 

 No extra money spent. No extra time wasted.

So...what is SCRIP?

SCRIP is simply gift cards that you purchase from the parish and use at:

  • National retailers like Amazon, Kwik Trip, Target and Walmart

  • Locally owned businesses such as Metro Market, Trig's, Fleet Farm, Culvers, Menards

Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards.  The great thing about Scrip is that you can use it for everyday purchases like groceries, gas, prescriptions, gifts, etc.  There are over 750 of America's biggest brands to choose from. If you buy it, chances are good there’s a SCRIP gift card for it. You won't be spending any more money than you already do, and will be helping Sacred Heart Parish and School in the process.  

                              See all participating retailers and their rebate % here.

How does it work?

Sacred Heart purchases SCRIP at a discount from Great Lakes Scrip. Buyers (that’s you!) pay face value. The difference is an instant rebate for Sacred Heart Parish.  These are the same exact gift cards you would normally purchase from the retailer directly, but because you are purchasing them through the parish, the parish gets a rebate.

For example, if you purchase a $50 Buffalo Wild Wings SCRIP card from the parish, you will pay the parish $50, and your gift card is worth $50.  However, because Buffalo Wild Wings donates 8%, the parish earned $4 on your purchase.   On the flip side, if you go to Buffalo Wild Wings and purchase a $50 gift card from them, your gift card is still worth $50, but the parish did not earn $4 on your purchase.

How can you purchase SCRIP?

You can purchase SCRIP in the form of physical gift cards, e-gift cards or use the RaiseRight mobile appPurchasing is easy and there are several options available.


1)  Purchase Stocked Scrip Cards

You can purchase stocked scrip cards at the parish.  We keep a small inventory of the most popular SCRIP cards on hand.  Click here to see what cards we carry in inventory.

Stocked SCRIP cards are sold:

  • During weekday office hours:  At the Sacred Heart Parish Office

  • Saturday and Sunday:  After Masses at the main church entrance


There is no need to set up an online account if purchasing scrip using this method.  Simply stop and buy your cards.  We accept cash or check for payment.   Please make your checks payable to Sacred Heart Scrip.

In a hurry?  Fill out the stocked inventory form, email it to the parish office (, and the staff will get your order ready for pick up - either from the office or from the church entrance after the weekend Mass.

2)  Have the Parish Office Place an Order Using an Order Form

In addition to the retailers available for immediate pickup, there are hundreds and hundreds of other vendors you can special order for delivery to the parish office.  Going on a road trip?  How about ordering a gift card for the Cracker Barrel Restaurant?  Staying in a Hyatt Hotel?  How about ordering a gift card for your hotel stay? 

Just download an order form. Record your order and submit it to the parish office.  Order forms submitted by 4:00pm Monday to the Parish Office will be entered, ordered and waiting for you to pick up after Mass the following weekend or at the parish office.  (Orders over $100 need to be prepaid please.)   Please make checks payable to: Sacred Heart Scrip.  

3)  Place your own Order Online at

Order your own scrip in the comfort of your home...or while shopping...and have electronic cards available immediately on your computer or smartphone!  If you order physical cards, please place your online order by 4:00pm Monday.  Your cards will be shipped to the parish office and be waiting for you after Mass the following weekend or be available for pickup on Friday.   

Here's how to get started online:

1)  Send an e-mail to our parish office ( to request an enrollment invitation. 

2)  You will receive an electronic invitation (with our unique enrollment ID) to create an account with ShopWithScrip.

3)  During the registration process you have the option to securely link your bank account...checking or enroll in online payments (prestopay).  You can place your first  order after the bank verification process.  Each order you place will be charged a flat 15 cent processing fee.  You also have the option to link your credit card, but please be aware you will be charged a 2.6% processing fee. 

If you choose not to link your bank account, you can still order online...and then submit payment via check or cash to the parish office.  Once we receive your payment, your order will be released for processing.  

4) Place an Order Using the mobile RaiseRight app.

Shop gift cards —right from your phone.

If you already have a ShopWithScrip online account:

​1)  Download the RaiseRight mobile app from the app store using your smartphone or tablet.

2)  Sign in with your ShopWithScrip username and password.

3)  If prompted, enter your authentication code.

Pick up right where you left off. Sign in with your same ShopWithScrip username and password. Access your e-cards right away, and check out with payment information already saved to your account.

If you do not have a ShopWithScrip online account, please send an email to to request the Sacred Heart School enrollment code.  Once you have that code:

1)  Download the RaiseRight mobile app from the app store using your smartphone or tablet.

2)  Select "Join a Program"

3)  Enter the Sacred Heart School enrollment code.

4)  Complete your enrollment information.

5)  Shop away!

Here is a very brief tutorial video to get you started.

Would you like your cards shipped to your home?

Something new!  You can now have some physical cards shipped directly to your home.  Ship To Home is only available if you are using the RaiseRight app.  There is also a small shipping fee.  If you would like further details, click here:  Ship to Home - Frequently Asked Questions  

                                             Ship to Home - Participating Retailers

Thank you for shopping with Scrip!  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Scrip, please contact Perry Lindner or the parish office (715) 600-6942 or via e-mail:

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