Sacred Heart Parish has now embarked on the beginning stage of what is called the “Beautification Project” of our parish campus. This project will include the refurbishment and beautification of the Church, possible construction of a parish center, expansion of school and office space, and possible renovation of the rectory.





Members of the Beautification Steering Committee

           Fr. Michaud

Patty Amman

Mike Bigalke

Veronica Bruske

Don Gagas

Theresa Glavin

Tom Glodowski

Mark Strojny

Jessica Olson

Our Renovation Prayer

O God all-powerful Father,

          In Your infinite wisdom you have created a natural world that reflects Your own beauty.  We thank you for your generous love which shared with us Your only Son. Through the power of the Holy Spirit you make us Your sons and daughters and build us into one Church to worship you and sing your praises. We ask you now to send this same Spirit into our hearts and minds. Make us truly grateful for the blessings we have received especially the gift of Faith. With the wisdom and humility of St. Francis may we see clearly Your vision for our parish. With the courage and patience of St. Joseph may we form a plan and see it through to completion. With the eloquence and generosity of St. Anthony may we preach Your Gospel by our deeds and sacrifice what is required for us to become One Body in Christ, a Temple for the Spirit. Through the intercession of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, May You bring to successful completion the good work we have begun.   We ask this through Christ Our Lord.        Amen.

 We ask for your continued prayers for the successful completion of this project.

In October 2017, Father Michaud began a 3-part homily series related to the project. 

1)  The first homily (from 10/4/17) helped to explain what has been happening and where we are in the

     process to date.         See the below video.

Homily 10.22.17 - Destination Parish - Fr. Greg Michaud
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2)  The second homily (from 10/22/17) helped to explain what is meant by "destination" parish. 

      You can listen to this homily here:

3)   The third homily took take place (11/5/17) and explained the importance of an iconographic plan.

Iconographic Plan - Fr, Greg Michaud
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November, 2017 .... All parishioners and Sacred Heart committees were invited to provide input into the development of our "Master Plan".  An architectural firm called Blue Design Group LLC has been hired to design a “Master Plan” for the parish. The end result of the Master Planning process will be conceptual renderings which will provide all of us a visual representation of our campus - along with preliminary cost estimations. A critical phase of this design process was for the firm to meet with staff, committees, parishioners, and anyone else who may utilize the parish on a regular basis to help summarize and clarify the Parish’s current and future needs. Steve Jamrosz, Project Architect for Blue Design came onsite on Tuesday, November 14th and met throughout the day with all who were interested to discuss current and future needs…in other words, he asked everyone to bring their “wish list” of improvements or suggestions, ie..how do we currently use certain spaces, what would we like to see, suggestions for efficiency improvements, etc. The meetings were not about the color selections or internal artistry…rather space and usage.   

Review Blue Design Group's summarized results below.

June, 2019 .... All parishioners were invited to a parish meeting on Wednesday, June 12th to review the progress to date regarding the parish Beautification Project.   Over the past year and 1/2 the Beautification Committee completed an enormous amount of legwork on behalf of the parishioners and shared this information this evening.  Contrary to false assumptions or beliefs, the Beautification Committee has NOT made any decisions regarding the exterior or interior proposals.  What was presented that evening were only examples of what could be done to address parish needs and what the interior church could look like following the iconographic plan.  Further parish meetings will need to be held to guide the direction of both the interior and the exterior of the church.   Steve Jamrosz of Blue Design Group presented the process followed and a possible design solution for the exterior of the church.  Heidi and Courtney Alvarez from Conrad Schmitt presented 3 different variations of what the interior church could look like - again which will help tell the rich, beautiful history of Sacred Heart parish through artistry.  The focal point of this evening's discussion was the possible purchase of the St. Clare Convent for $1 - with the parish assuming all maintenance and repairs from the date of transfer.  One of the questions posed to the parishioners was "Does the convent address or take care of enough parish needs identified during the needs assessment process to warrant its purchase?"  A questionnaire was made available to all parishioners regarding their opinion on whether to purchase the convent.  Results of the questionnaire will be shared the weekend of June 22nd/23rd followed by a parishioner follow-up meeting.

VIew Video of the Presentation:

Church Exterior

Church Interior

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