Reverend Father Gregory Michaud, Pastor

Councils & Committees

This page is still under construction, as information for each council, committee, society, or organization becomes available individual pages for each will be added.

Sacred Heart Councils, Committees, Societies & Organizations:

Pastoral (Parish) Council The pastoral council is the principle consultative body of the parish that gives their help in fostering pastoral activity.  They help the Pastor in establishing priorities among the various aspects of parish activity; and the formation of policy and the development of programs of pastoral activity.

Finance Council - The Finance Council is a consultative body that assists the Pastor to act justly and prudently in the administration of the parish’s temporal goods, including the regular monitoring of parish accounts and expenses.

Buildings and Grounds Committee – Works with the Finance Council and Pastoral Council to assure facilities are adequate for parish needs and are properly maintained.  Surveys the parish property and identifies and articulates the needs of the parish.

Family Life/Social Justice Committee – Assists the parish pastoral council in fostering pastoral concern and action for justice in the world, including promotion of the respect for all human life, the pastoral care of the afflicted, the needy, the imprisoned, migrants and refugees.  The Family Life aspect of the committee assists the parish pastoral council in fostering Christian family life in the parish.  Among its concerns are the central place of the family in all parish pastoral activities, parish hospitality, youth ministry, vocations, pre-marriage preparation, natural family planning and pastoral care of single adult, divorced, widows and widowers.

Sacred Worship Committee – Assists the parish pastoral council in fostering the liturgical life of the parish as celebrated in the Sacraments and other rites of the Church, with special attention to the sick and isolated in the parish.  This committee is also concerned with the devotional aspects of the parish’s life of prayer.

Education Committee – Assists the parish pastoral council in fostering the educational aspect of the parish, which includes evangelization, adult education, CCD, the Catholic school, and missionary activity.

Cemetery Committee - Assists the Finance Council in considering policy, maintenance needs, and finances to maintain the Sacred Heart and St Martin (Ellis) cemeteries.

Picnic Committee - Organizes our annual parish picnic.  This event is the largest event which the parish hosts.  The picnic committee begins work on the August picnic months before the event, and is central in organizing volunteers and activities. 

Holy Name Society/Rosary Society – Parish men and women who support and provide for the needs of the parish through prayer, fellowship and fundraisers.