Reverend Father Gregory Michaud, Pastor


Sacred Heart Parish has now embarked on the beginning stage of what is called the “Beautification Project” of our parish campus. This project will include the refurbishment and beautification of the Church, possible construction of a parish center, expansion of school and office space, and possible renovation of the rectory.

          We ask for your continued prayers for the successful completion of this project.

In October, Father Michaud began a 3-part homily series related to the project. 

1)  The first homily (from 10/4/17) helped to explain what has been happening and where we are in the process to date.   

      See the below video.


2)  The second homily (from 10/22/17) helped to explain what is meant by "destination" parish.  You can listen to this homily here:

Homily 10.22.17 Destination Parish with Project Update

3)  The third homily took take place (11/5/17) and explained the importance of an iconographic plan.

Iconographic Plan